Huntington Beach Hospital Recognized as Top Performer

Huntington Beach Hospital was named one of the nation's top performers on key quality measures by The Joint Commission, the leading accreditor of health care organizations in America. Huntington Beach Hospital was recognized based on data reported about evidence-based clinical processes that are shown to improve care for certain conditions, including heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, and surgical care.

Out of 3,099 hospitals submitting data to The Joint Commission, Huntington Beach Hospital was one of only 405 hospitals to meet or exceed the target rates of performance for 2010. Inclusion on the list is based on an aggregation of accountability measure data reported to The Joint Commission during the previous calendar year.

Huntington Beach Hospital was recognized for achieving above-average quality measures for heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, and surgical care.

"Today, the public expects transparency in the reporting of performance at the hospitals where they receive care, and The Joint Commission is shining a light on the top-performing hospitals such as Huntington Beach Hospital that have achieved excellence on a number of vital measures of quality of care," said Mark R. Chassin, M.D., FACP, M.P.P., M.P.H., president, The Joint Commission.

In addition to being included in the release of The Joint Commission's "Improving America's Hospitals" annual report, Huntington Beach Hospital will be recognized on The Joint Commission's Quality Check website (


Huntington Beach Hospital has been recognized as a top-performing hospital in the MIDAS+ Platinum Quality Award program. This award is based upon your organization’s 2007 performance in the ACS MIDAS+ National Comparative Database for the following key areas of clinical performance:

  • Acute care readmission rate < 15 days
  • Acute MI All or None Bundle
  • Pneumonia All or None Bundle
  • Heart Failure All or None Bundle
  • SCIP 1-2-3 All or None Bundle
  • All Acute Care Inpatient LOS and Mortality (severity adjusted using 3M APR DRGs)
  • APR DRG 45 – CVA & Precerebral occlusion with infarct LOS and Mortality
  • APR DRG 139 – Other Pneumonia LOS and Mortality
  • APR DRG 174 – PCI procedures with AMI LOS and Mortality
  • APR DRG 194 – Heart Failure LOS and Mortality
  • APR DRG 221 – Major small and large bowel procedure LOS and Mortality
  • APR DRG 720 – Septicemia & disseminated infections LOS and Mortality

The scoring methodology for this award is based upon comparative performance of over 550 hospitals that participate in either the MIDAS+ CPMS or DataVision solutions. Each area is weighted by a point system and your total score is based upon your total awarded points divided by your total eligible points. ACS MIDAS+ has selected the top 5% of MIDAS+ hospital performers in each of the following three award categories:

  • Average daily census < 100
  • Average daily census 100 – 200
  • Average daily census > 200

Huntington Beach Hospital has been awarded as a top performer in the average daily census <100 category.